Major Cities of Hungary

Explore map of Budapest, it is the largest city and capital of Hungary, and one of the largest cities in the EU. It is the country's principal cultural, commercial, industrial, political, and transportation centre.
Major Cities of Hungary
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Budapest is the capital of Hungary. The geographical location of Budapest is 47 degree 30 min north Latitude and 19 degree 05 min east Longitude. The standard time zone of Budapest is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

The location of Budapest is in the northern part of Hungary. River Danube flows through the city. Budapest lies on both side of the Danube River. On one side of Danube, it is known as Buda and on the other bank it is called Pest. This city is a beautiful tourist destination in Central Europe. Tourists on a travel to Hungary can take accommodation in the hotels of the Hungarian capital city. They will enjoy going out to dine at the restaurants and hang out at the coffee shops. Tourists can also enjoy shopping from the busy streets of Budapest, as well as celebrate the nightlife in the city. For some recreation, the opera houses, theaters and museums can be visited in Budapest.

Budapest, one of the major Hungary destinations has a population of about 1.9 million people. Budapest is divided into 23 districts. Formerly Budapest was known as Pest- Buda. This city is known for tourism. People come here to get an authentic flavor of western culture.

Baja in Hungary is located near the Danube and the Sugovica River. The overall population of the city is around forty thousand in number, who originally belonged to different nations. Because of its beautiful surroundings and the forests of Gemenec located nearby, the city of Baja is a definitely a stopover for tourists visiting the region.

Bekes is one of the well-known tourist destinations in the southeastern region of Hungary. This city lies in the county of Bekes, which is spread over an area of 5632 square kilometers. The geographical location of the city is at the latitude of 46 degree 46 minutes north of equator. Longitudinally, it is situated at 21 degree 7 minutes 60 seconds east of the Prime Meridian. The city is located at an elevation of 282 feet.

Bekescsaba is a Hungarian city is the seat of Bekes Megeye or Bekes County. This place is important because the place is an important junction for railway lines and some major roadways of Hungary. As such the place is very well connected with other parts of Hungary. Even waterway communication is well developed because the city is connected to the Koros River by a canal. The water supply to the region has enabled extensive agriculture as well as set up of industrial center.

Budaors in Hungary, located in the region of Central Danubia, is one of the cities of Pest County. The city lies at an altitude of 210 m with 47°27'36"N latitude and 18°5736"E longitude. The city has a population of about 25,000. It belonged to the church during the Middle Ages. Budaors has been derived from Ors, which was the name of the head of the Arpad tribe. There is a myth related to the Torokugrato hills near Budaors. During the Turkish rule, one of the rulers jumped with his horse from the cliffs to escape the hands of his conquerors. After the rule ended, the land became a settlement of the Germans.

Debrecen is a beautiful city in Hungary. Tourists on Hungary travel can arrange a tour to Debrecen. This city has been the capital of Hungary for two times. Tourists will get to see the Reformed Great Church here. Debrecen, the Hungarian city, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hungary. This city became the capital of Hungary for the first time in 1849. During World War II, it again became the national capital. Debrecen is also known in history as the place where a majority of the people transformed to the new faith of Calvinism in 16th century.

Dunakeszi is a very popular tourist destination in Hungary. It is situated on the banks of Danube River in Pest County and is a perfect venue for small vacations with family and friends. Dunakeszi of Hungary is situated on the latitude of 47 degree 37 minutes and 60 seconds north to the equator. While longitudinally, the city is located on 19 degree 7 minutes and 60 seconds east of Prime Meridian. The city lies on an altitude of 396 feet high above sea level.

Dunaujvaros is a Hungarian county, which is also the city capital of the same region, Frejer. It is located in the central part of the country of Hungary. A relatively new city, Dunaujvaros was a result of the modernization of the village known by the name of Duanapentele. This was the year 1950. The city is located on the river Danube. The place is not only ideal for people who are on the look out for an ideal weekend destination but it is also a very important place in terms of economy and industrial development. Presently, there are more than 54,000 Hungarians residing the county of Dunaujvaros. The influence of the socialistic rule, which was the key factor behind the development of the city, is apparent from the get up of many of the edifices that adorn the city.
Eger is one of the most important Hungarian cities, which draw fair share of the tourists. The various monuments on the city of Eger and the historical backdrop of the place make it a very interesting place to visit.Tourists recognize the place mostly for its magnificent castles, the monuments and edifices, thermal baths and of course, wine. Both white wine and red wine are available in the place, which tourists can take back as souvenirs. In fact the wine producing cellars of Eger are some several hundreds of years old.

Esztergom is a very popular ancient city in Hungary. The small city attracts thousands of national and international visitors every year. The beautiful city of Esztergom in Hungary lies at an altitude of 856 feet above the sea level. Esztergom of Hungary is located on the right bank of Danube River near the Hungarian Central Uplands. The city is easily accessible through roads that connect it with the rest of the country. One can get down at the Ferihegy airport at Budapest, which is situated just 60 kilometers away from Esztergom and take a car or bus ride to the ancient city.

Visitors from all across the globe throng this little city, which is located in the central region of Godollo Highlands. Godollo of Hungary is situated at an altitude of 662 feet above the sea level and is just 29 kilometers away from the very famous city of Budapest. The city is very well connected with other cities and towns of Hungary through rail, road and airways. The nearest airport is the Ferihegy airport at Budapest. From there one can catch a train or hire a cab.

This city is situated between Budapest, the capital city of Hungary and Vienna. This city is worth visiting to get a taste of Hungarian art and culture.

In Gyor, tourists will be fascinated to visit the architectural works. Ancient buildings have been well preserved in this city. The Baroque center of Gyor has been reconstructed. In this city, one gets to see the museums with rich collection of exhibits, palaces and churches. One can also enjoy a brisk walk in the lanes and experience a journey through historical moments associated with the surrounding place.

Kecskemet city in Hungary draws tourists because of its picturesque appeal. The many historically important buildings of great artistic beauty or cultural importance are located in the city of Kecskemet in Hungary. This city is relatively new and is a little over a hundred years old. Though the city is new, many of the remains of the place are centuries old, imparting a classical ambiance to the city. The beautiful Jozsef Katona Theatre is one of the earliest constructions of the city, dating back to the establishment of the city in 1896. Close to the theater is the statue of Holy Trinity, which commemorates the survivors of the epidemic Black Death.

Keszthely is one of the oldest cities, which is located around Balaton, 13 km from Balatonbereny and boasts of the richest tradition and architecture. Keszthely is a wonderful university city, which has all the amenities of modern life like trendy cafes and restaurants. The Festetics Castle is the most renowned spot in the city of Keszthely. This is the fourth largest aristocratic mansion of the country, which has been renovated beautifully. This castle, which was built by the Festetics dynasty, is built in the centre of an amazing park. It is one of the most significant baroque buildings in Hungary and boasts of a world famous library of scientific books. The other significant tourist destination of the Keszthely city is the Balaton Museum, which symbolizes the cultural tradition of the region. The Helikon Memorial provides a flavor of the cultural festivals between 1817 and 1819.

Keszthely is well accessible by air, road and train services. One can drive by bike from Balatonbereny and it would take just 35-40 minutes to reach the city of Keszthely.

Miskolc is located in the northeastern part of Hungary. Among the cities in Hungary, Miskolc occupies the third position in terms of population. It is the capital city of the county of Borsod- Abauj- Zemplen. From this city, the magnificent view of Bukk Mountain can be enjoyed. In this town, evidences from Paleoanthropic era has been found.

Other important cities in Hungary are as follows:
  • Nyiregyhaza
  • Pecs
  • Szeged
  • Szekesfehervar
  • Szombathely
  • Tatabanya
  • Veszprem
  • Zalakaros

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