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Northern Great Plain

The Northern Great Plain of Hungary is synonymous with the picturesque Hungarian countryside, which has small hamlets and farms. These are wonderful representations of Hungary's culture and tradition. Natural thermal baths can be found in abundance here and appeal greatly to visitors from around Europe and the world. The counties of Hajdu-Bihar, Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok and Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg together form the region of the Northern Great Plain. Remaining true to its name, there are hardly any natural formations of a hill or mountain, to disrupt the gentle, smooth and green plains in this part of Hungary. However, there are long, meandering rivers breaking the monotony of these plains.

Another striking characteristic of the Northern Great Plain is the extensive plantations of wine at regular intervals across the landscape. A lot of Cuman or man-made hills can be seen in the Nagykunsag and Hortobagy regions, which were earlier used as burial places. The region is also a rich treasure house of various species of fishes and diverse flora and fauna. Hungarian history has been greatly preserved in this region and relics from the era of the Hungarian conquests can still be found. Relics from the Romanesque period, the Renaissance and Crusades can still be found in these parts of Hungary.