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Guinea River Map

by Vishal Kumar

River Map of Guinea displaying the flowing path of the rivers in Guinea. The major rivers of Guinea are the Kogon, Tinkisso, Niandan, etc.

Guinea River Map


River Length (km) Length (miles) Drainage area (km²) Outflow Countries in the drainage basin Guinea region in the drainage basin
Niger River 4180 2600 2117700 Gulf of Guinea Guinea, Niger, Nigeria, Mali, Benin, Faranah, Kankan
Gambia River 1130 700 77000 Atlantic Ocean Guinea, Senegal, Gambia Labe
Bafing River 760 470 NA Senegal River Valley Guinea, Senegal Kankan, Faranah
Mano River 320 200 8250 Atlantic Ocean Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia Nzérékoré
Tinkisso Rive 402 250 19800 Niger River Guinea Faranah
Milo River 320 200 13500 Niger River Guinea Kankan

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