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Greenland Food

by Vishal Kumar

Know everything you want to know about Greenland's Food. Greenlandic cuisine is traditionally based on meat from marine mammals, birds, and fish, and normally contains high levels of protein.The national dish of Greenland is suaasat, a traditional Greenlandic soup.

The food of Greenland is made of rare and exotic ingredients. Greenland food should be tasted by every foreigner who visits the country. The restaurants in Greenland mostly serve traditional Greenland dishes together with the food from Denmark.

The food items of Greenland are made of ingredients that are available on this island which are mostly fish and meat. Fresh fruits and vegetables are generally part of the menu of Greenland. The procedure of cooking in Greenland is fairly simple and the everyday food items are composed of locally found ingredients. ‘Suaasat’ a kind of nourishing soup is widely available in all Greenland kitchens. Spices are not used that much in Greenland cooking and the only non- vegetarians ingredients on the menu are rice, potatoes, and onions. Whales, the meat of reindeer, seals, and fowls are very popular with the Greenland people. The cost of eating out in Greenland is quite expensive and there is no custom of giving tips in the restaurants.

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