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Greenland Population

The Population of Greenland is 57,000 and the population growth rate is 0.03%. The birth rate is- 16.01births/1000population, where as the death rate is- 7.93 death/ 1000 population. The migration rate is- 8.38 migrant/1000 population. Both the Greenlanders (88%) and Danish people (12%) inhabit the place.

n Greenland the Danish colonialism began in the 18th century. Later on in 1953 it was made an integral part of Denmark. And granted self-government by the Danish parliament. It made its own parliament though the Denmark still control the foreign affairs.

Greenland Population has Margrethe II of Denmark as their queen and Hans Enoken of the social democratic Siumut party as their Prime Minister. The people live under the government that is parliamentary democracy within a constitutional monarchy.

Greenland Population is concentrated along the coast but close to one-quarter of the population live in the capital Nuuk, world's second largest icecap. The language used by them is mainly Greenlandic and also Danish. Christianity is the major religion. Many of the Eskimo people are engaged in hunting and fishing for survival.

Greenland Population survive on agriculture, industry. The agricultural products are forage crops, garden and green house vegetables. Fish processing, gold, iron, uranium, diamond mining, niobium and handicrafts come under the industry. The natural resources that they get are coal, lead, zinc, gas, oil, hydro power, whales, seals etc. They often face social problems like unemployment (9.3%), alcoholism and HIV/Aids.