Greenland Education

The history of Greenland Education can be traced back to the colonial period. The Danish colonizers came here in 1721. Education was needed for colonial purpose mainly. So they introduced school. A teacher's college, Ilinniarfissuaq was established in 1845. In 1905 a school act was also promulgated. University of Greenland is the major institute of education in Greenland. It is located at Nuuk. Most of the courses are taught in Danish and very few courses in Greenlandic. The university has various faculties for teaching economics, law, commerce, management, public administration, literature, theology, cultural and social history etc. The university offers both bachelors and master's degree. Post-doctorate programs are also offered though a few people take the advantage.

Most of the children are sent to school. Some of the public schools of Greenland are as follows:
  1. Greenland Elementary School (318 students)
  2. Greenland High School (224 students)
  3. Greenland Central School (388 students)
  4. Greenland Middle School (276 students)
  5. Winslow High School (115 students)
  6. Winslow Elementary School (118 students)
  7. AR School for Information System and Technology (Charter school with 56 students)
Ilinniarfissuaq, the teacher's training school is 156 years old. It plays a key role in the history of Greenland education. It has got 130 students and 25 well-educated, experienced teachers. Most of the people stay at Nuuk along with students of other courses. The education there is divided into formal instruction, teaching practice periods, projects and courses. Good teachers are needed all over Greenland.

Greenland education is in the path of progress.

Last Updated : August 9th, 2018