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Greenland Map
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Greenland is world's largest island. There are four time zones and three districts in Greenland. 21st July, which is the longest day at Greenland, is considered to be a national holiday. In the political map of Greenland the major cities, the capital and the air base of the island have been indicated by usage of different symbols.

Greenland, the world's largest island, is self governed province under the control of Demark. Denmark controls the overseas affairs of Greenland in consultation with Home Rule Government of the island. The geographic coordinates of Greenland are 72° North latitude and 40° West longitude. Greenland is located to the north side of North America. The island lies between North Atlantic Ocean and Arctic Ocean. Greenland's total area is 2,166,086 square kilometers. The island has 44,087 kilometers of coastline. The lowest point of the island is 0 meters and the highest point is 3700 meters.

Greenland Capital
The capital of Greenland is Nuuk. It is also the largest city of Greenland. University of Greenland is located at the capital city and Air Greenland offers regular flight service to Nuuk Airport. Moderate polar climate prevails at Nuuk. The geographic coordinates of Nuuk are 64° 10' 60" North latitude and 51° 45' West longitude. Nuuk is positioned 3 meters above sea level. Some of the cities that are in close proximity to Nuuk are Saarloq, Kangeq and Narsaq. The capital of Greenland is highlighted in the political map of Greenland by a red star.

Greenland Cities
In the printable map of Greenland, the major cities have been indicated by using black dots. The indicated cities in Greenland are:
  • Nanortalik
  • Julianehab
  • Narssaq
  • Frederikshab
  • Ivigtut
  • Angmagssalik
  • Sukkertoppen
  • Holsteinsborg
  • Kangatsiaq
  • Egedesminde
  • Christianshab
  • Jakobshavn
  • Godhavn
  • Scoresbysund
  • Outdigssat
  • Umanak
  • Upernavik
  • Thule

Greenland Borders
Canada is located to the western side of Greenland. In the political map of Greenland the international boundaries have been indicated by using black lines. The bordering water bodies of Greenland as indicated in political Greenland map are:
  • Atlantic Ocean: south east
  • Denmark Strait: south east
  • Davis Strait: west
  • Baffin Bay: west
  • Greenland Sea: east
  • Lincoln Sea: north
  • Arctic Ocean : north

Greenland Locations
In the political printable map of Greenland, few other locations like Disko Island and Kap Bridgman have been indicated. The Thule Air Base is also indicated on the political Greenland map by a red airplane and a black circle round the figure.

The country of Greenland is in the North America continent and the latitude and longitude for the country are 67.1039° N, 50.3323° W.

The neighboring countries of Greenland are :

Maritime Boundaries
  1. Canada
  2. Iceland
  3. Norway
  4. Svalbard

Facts About Greenland
Country Name Greenland
ContinentNorth America
Capital and largest cityNuuk
Area2,166,086 km2 (836,109 sq mi)
Population55,984 (1 January 2015)
Lat Long72° 0′ 0″ N, 40° 0′ 0″ W
Official LanguageGreenlandic (Kalaallisut)
Calling Code+299
Time Zone(UTC+0 to −4)
Airport14-Airports commercial Service
Neighbour CountriesNorway, Denmark,Iceland
Internet TLD.gl
CurrencyDanish krone (DKK)

Location Maps of Cities in Greenland

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