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Greenland Language

Greenland is the largest island of the world. Three kinds of Languages are spoken in Greenland by the people. The official language of Greenland consists of Greenlandic, Danish and English.

The Greenlandic Language is divided into 3 dialects. These 3 dialects are-
  • East Greenlandic
  • West Greenlandic
  • Polar-Eskimo dialect.
The language in which Greenland's 50,000 people speaks is Inuit dialect. Kalaallisut is the language of the Greenland people. Greenlandic Language is spoken by the Inuit-Aleut family.

Apart from Greenlandic Language the other languages spoken in Greenland are Danish and English. Danish which is the first foreign language is studied in the schools of Greenland. Among the total population the majority speaks very good Danish Language in Greenland, mainly those people who dwell in towns. When the Danes visit Greenland it is very easy for them to communicate with the Greenland people because of the common knowledge of Danish Language. Many young people who have done studied in Denmark or abroad can speak English Language in Greenland very well.

The staffs of tourist offices can speak German and French Language. Conducted trips are available in various languages. You can contact your nearby tourist office for hearing the language service which they can provide.

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