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Greenland Weather

Greenland is 4 times larger than France. Three quarters of the country lies within the Arctic Circle. Only 16% of the area is devoid of permanent snow and ice. Greenland Weather comprises of long and severe winter and very short and cool summers.

The ice-free areas include high mountains around the coast through which great glaciers descend to deposit masses of ice in the surrounding sea. The ice-bergs in the North Atlantic primarily come from here. The sea-ice blocks the northern shores permanently. The Greenland Sea on the east has less open water in winter than to the Baffin Bay on the west of Greenland.

There is a great icecap up to 3,000 meter to 10,000 ft thick in the interior of the country. This can be recognized as the largest accumulation of snow and ice in the northern hemisphere. In the north of Greenland the table of Thule represents the most of the interior ice-cap.

Greenland Weather includes a true Arctic climate, where the temperature is only above freezing for brief periods in the summer. If the wind is light and calm and the sun shines then summer days are pleasant. But low temperature along with strong, chilly wind makes life terrible. This is the reason survival has become the main issue in Greenland.

The ice-cap of Greenland is the source of some of the coldest air to affect northwest Europe.