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Greenland Religion

There are many religions practiced in Greenland, the most major and the most followed of them being the Evangelical Lutheran. The established church is the Danish National Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Greenland has gone through many religious changes in the course of its history. The initial religion in vogue was Catholicism, which was prevalent from around year 1000 to 1450. Leif the Happy, son of Erik the Red, found Christianity during a visit to Norway and brought Christian missionaries back with him to Greenland. In a surprisingly short duration of time, the Norse colonists were converted to the religion and a rudimentary Church established.

After this, Christianity seemed to disappear from Greenland, replaced with more Pagan philosophies, until the Lutheran pastor Hans Egede founded Nuuk, the first city of Greenland. Protestantism rose in popularity, but degraded later due to internal friction, and in present times, Evangelical Lutheran is the predominant religion in Greenland.

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