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Egypt Independence Day

by Vishal Kumar

Egypt celebrates its national day on July 23 to commemorate the Egyptian revolution that took place on this day in 1952.

When is the National Day of Egypt celebrated?

Egypt celebrates its national day on July 23 to commemorate the Egyptian revolution that took place on this day in 1952. The revolution led to an ouster of the monarchy and the establishment of a republic form of government.

How is the Egyptian National Day celebrated?

The national day is a public holiday in Egypt. It is marked by national celebrations and military parades. On this day the people of the country participate in many musical and dance performances honoring the sacrifices of the martyrs and remembering the sacrifices that shaped the country’s destiny.

Why is the Egyptian National Day significant?

Egypt gained nominal independence from the British in 1922 and signed the Anglo-Egyptian treaty in 1936 that allowed the British to retain their troops in the Suez Canal region. After the Second World War, the Egyptians tried to renegotiate the terms of the treaty as resentment against the continued British presence on Egyptian soil and the disenchantment with the despotic, pro-British monarch, Farouk I, grew in the common people.

The final blow came with the defeat of Egypt in the Arab-Israeli war in 1948 for which the army blamed the prodigal king. The Egyptian Revolution was launched as a military coup by four army officers – Muhammed Naguib, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Abdel Hakim Amer, and Anwar Al Sadat, who formed the Free Officer’s Movement, which led to the eradication of constitutional monarchy, and the establishment of a nationalist government in Egypt. Muhammed Naguib became the first president of this republic nation.

On July 23 each year, the people of Egypt memorialize the beginning of the Egyptian Revolution that won them freedom from the monarchy.

What does the Egyptian national flag represent?

The Egyptian flag is a horizontal tricolor with bands of red, white, and black colors. While the uppermost stripe is red, the middle is white, and the lowermost is black. The Eagle of Saladin (Saladin was the first ruler of Egypt who founded the Ayyubid dynasty) is the national emblem featured in the middle of the white band of the flag. The eagle is a symbol of sovereignty and is surrounded by a shield. It holds a spool on which the Republic of Egypt is inscribed in Arabic.

The red color of the horizontal band represents the era of the 1952 revolution, which was rife with turmoil and struggle against the autocratic monarch and the British rule, the white color marks the beginning of the revolution, which ousted the monarchy without bloodshed, and the black color signifies the subjugation and repression of the Egyptian people.

Who wrote the national anthem of Egypt?

Bilady, “My homeland” in Arabic, the Egyptian national anthem was composed by Sayed Darwish and was written by Mohamed Younis Al-Qady. Some portions of its composition have been inspired by a speech of the Egyptian leader, Mustafa Kamel.

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