Dikhil Region is an administrative division in the east African country Djibouti. Notable tourist attractions in the place include Lake Abbe.

Dikhil region is an administrative division in Djibouti. The attractions of the Dikhil region include Lake Abhe Bad. Lake Abhe Bad is also known as Lake Abbe.

The capital of the Dikhil region in Djibouti is Dikhil City. The Dikhil region of Djibouti is bordered by the Tadjourah region on its northern side. The neighboring African country of Ethiopia borders the Dikhil region in its western part. Ethiopia also borders the Dikhil administrative division in the south. The Gulf of Tadjourah borders the Dikhil region of Djibouti on its northern side. The Arta region together with the Ali Sabieh region borders the Dikhil region in the east.

The economy of the Dikhil region is based on subsistence agriculture. Djibouti residents inhabiting the region are dependent on nature to carry their way of life. The area is populated by Djibouti citizens belonging to the Afar tribe. They earn their livelihood by selling domesticated animals at various local marketplaces in Djibouti. Animals like sheep, goats, and cattle are traded. Most of the trade is concentrated in the capital city of Dikhil. Severe malnutrition is a permanent problem in the general populace of the region. Infectious diseases are rampant. Acute malnutrition in the Dikhil region is high in more than 20% of the total population.

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