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Djibouti Communications

by Aakash Singha

Djibouti has taken a new shape with the laying of submarine cables and satellite earth stations. There has been a sharp rise in the number of mobile phone users in Djibouti.

The Djibouti communications network has geared up to the international standard since the second half of the 20th century. The landline telephones in Djibouti are used by a large section of the urban people of this east African country. There has been a sharp increase in the number of mobile phone users in Djibouti in recent years. The mobile cellular network subscribers in Djibouti are more in comparison with the landline users. Djibouti communications in the form of mobile cellular networks have reached even the rural areas of the country. According to the 2004 records by the telecom department of Djibouti, there were approximately 11,000 subscribers of landline which has increased to38,866.00, and 35,000 subscribers of the mobile cellular network which has gone up to 434,035.00 in the year 2020. Telephones in Djibouti have contributed largely to the social and business networking communications in Djibouti.

The microwave radio relay network helps in the domestic communication network in Djibouti. For international communications from Djibouti, submarine cable has been laid from Djibouti to Jiddah, Sicily, Suez, Marseilles, Singapore, and Colombo. For international links, two satellite earth stations have been launched by Djibouti.

The satellite earth stations of Djibouti include:

  • One Intelsat
  • One Arabsat

Internet usage in Djibouti has increased too. There are many Internet service provider in Djibouti. The year 2020 recorded the number of Internet users in Djibouti as around 546.3 thousand.

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