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Djibouti at Olympics

by Aakash Singha

Djibouti debuted in the Olympics of 1984 and has been participating since and hence participated in nine Olympic games. Hussein Ahmed Salah won a bronze medal for Djibouti in 1988.

Djibouti took part in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and has participated in nine Olympic games.

Djibouti participated in the Summer Olympics of 2004. It took place in the Greek capital city of Athens. Ahmed Mohamed Abdillahi participated in the 800 meters men’s race. On the other hand, Zeinab Mohamed Khaireh competed in the women’s 1,500 meters race. The team of Djibouti at the Olympics 2004 was led by Otban Gotta Moussa and Ibrahim Chehem Burhan. They played the role of the President and Secretary General of the team respectively.

Djibouti was a part of the 2000 Summer Olympics too. This event took place in Sydney of Australia. Daher Gadid Omar competed in the men’s marathon. Roda Ali Wais participated in the women’s 800 meters race.

In the 1996 Summer Olympics, Ahmed Salah and Moussa Omar, of them competed in the men’s marathon. This event took place in Atlanta in the United States.

Djibouti was also a part of the 1992 Summer Olympics that took place in Barcelona of Spain. Ahmed Salah and Omar Abdillahi Talan participated in the men’s marathon.

Djibouti at Olympics 1988

The year 1988 is in fact a memorable year for Djibouti. This year Djibouti won a bronze medal at the Olympics in Seoul of South Korea. It was Houssein Ahmed Salah who participated in the men’s marathon and won a bronze for his country. The participation of Djibouti in the Olympics 1988 proved very fruitful for the country and made the country proud.

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