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Djibouti Land and People

The Republic of Djibouti is a country in the eastern part of Africa. A typical gracious African populace laced with the all welcoming nature of traditional Islamic Arab hospitality embodies Djibouti land and people.

The Djibouti land and people inhabit the coastline of the Arabian Peninsula. The land of Djibouti shares international borders with Somalia in the southeastern part. Eritrea borders the country to the north. Djibouti shares a common border with Ethiopia in the west and southern part of the country. The Arab country of Yemen is located opposite Djibouti. The two countries are demarcated by the Arabian Peninsula.

The people of Djibouti consist of two African tribes: the Issa of Somali origin and the native Afars. The Issa forms the majority of the population in Djibouti. They also represent a potent political force. This has led to a fierce civil war between the Issas and the Afars. Further tension in the country is catalyzed by the issue of racial origins between Djibouti people of Arabic and African descent. The Arab population is economically more powerful in Djibouti and possesses disproportionately more political power when compared to their numbers in the Djibouti population. The economy of the country is based on service industries.