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Djibouti Weather

Djibouti is a small country in the eastern part of Africa. Djibouti Weather is always hot and dry. October to April is the most favorable time for tourists to visit Djibouti,
since Djibouti weather remains somewhat comfortable during this time. During June to September, the Djibouti temperature remains at around 38° Celsius.

Another characteristic of Djibouti climate is that in the month of July, the 'kahmsin' winds blow strongly in the region. The 'khamsin' winds are very hot and dry in nature. Djibouti Africa has dry deserts and torrid weather conditions.

Djibouti Africa weather is scorching all round the year. The weather in Djibouti becomes bearable in the month of January when it experiences few showers of rain. The extreme temperature that shoots up in Djibouti is around 40° Celsius. The standard rainfall that is experienced by Djibouti is around 147 mm.

Djibouti climate can be classified in two parts: arid and extremely arid. Djibouti ranks among the hottest regions on the globe. In the month of December, the temperature remains around 25° C. At certain times the humidity of Djibouti also becomes unbearable, which is attributed to the heat evaporation. The Red Sea is the source of evaporation.

There are generally two seasons in Djibouti. The first season is when winds from the south eastern direction blow towards the north east direction. During this time, the weather conditions seem favorable and comfortable. Apart from this, there are trade winds that blow either from the southern Arabia or from the India Ocean.

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