Djibouti Currency

by Aakash Singha

The National Bank of Djibouti issues the banknotes and coins that are used by the people of Djibouti. The official Djibouti currency is Franc.

The official Djibouti currency is Franc. Since 1908, the value of the French franc has been legally fixed with that of the Djibouti currency franc. The National Bank has subdivided 1 franc into 100 centimes. Djf is the currency code of Djibouti. The currency notes circulated in Djibouti come in denominations of Djf 1,000, Djf 2,000, Djf 5,000, and Djf 10,000. The coins are widely in use in Djibouti. The coins in Djibouti which come in the denominations of one, two and five francs are made of aluminum. The coins of 10 and 20 francs are made of aluminum bronze. The cupro-nickel coins of the denominations of 50 and 100 francs are also in use in Djibouti. The 500 francs coin is made of aluminum bronze.

The 500 francs note was in use in Djibouti till the year 1989. But in 1989, the National Bank of Djibouti took the decision to replace the 500 francs note with a coin of the same value. The National Bank had been assigned the responsibility to produce banknotes in Djibouti after the independence of Djibouti in 1977. After the National Bank took over this responsibility from the Public Treasury, it brought a thorough change in the design of the coins and banknotes of Djibouti. In 1984, it introduced the 10,000 franc notes.

The National Bank has issued no limitations on the export of the currency of Djibouti. Anyone interested in numismatics can even buy the banknotes of Djibouti by placing online orders with quite a number of online agencies like ‘World Paper Money.

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