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Christianity in Djibouti

by Aakash Singha

Very small numbers of people practice Christianity in Djibouti. The solitary Roman Catholic diocese is the Diocese of Djibouti. Only 6 % are Christians of the total population of Djibouti.

The country of Djibouti has the majority of people following the Islamic religion. The religion of Christianity in Djibouti includes only a small number of people. Christianity in Djibouti has people who belong to the ancestry of Europe and Ethiopia.

The solitary Roman Catholic diocese is the Diocese of Djibouti. In the country of Djibouti, the Mennonite Mission is highly active. The Eglise Protestante de Djibouti was established in the year 1960. Even though the major religion of the country is Islam there is no inhibition to following other religions in Djibouti.

Among the Somali persons, residing in Djibouti, there is only two percent of people, who follow and preach Christianity. The Roman Catholic Church in Djibouti is inclusive of the universal Roman Catholic Church, which is underneath the religious guidance of the curia and the Pope in Rome.

There are six percent Christians among the total population in the country of Djibouti. The French rule in Djibouti was escorted by the advent of the Catholic missionaries, who were the first to found the religion of Christianity in Djibouti in the year 1885. Of all the residents of the country of Djibouti, about one percent of the people belong to the Protestant, Roman Catholic, or joined the Baha’i faith.

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