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Newspapers in Comoros

The Comoros newspapers are published in the French language. The Comoros newspapers are owned by no political parties and henceforth, the unbiased news is published by the newspapers of Comoros.

The headquarters of each Comoros newspaper are located in the capital of Comoros, Moroni. There are quite a few number of Comoros newspapers, which concentrate only on the Moroni news.

A national newspaper is also published from Comoros, which covers news from all corners of Comoros. The political news finds the prime importance in the pages of Comoros newspapers. The business and economy news cover a big part of the Comoros newspapers as well. The sports news and entertainment news are also published in the Comoros newspapers. There are separate sections for the international news in the Comoros newspapers.

The renowned national newspaper of Comoros is Al Atwan. Al Atwan is the most circulated newspaper in Comoros. A big number of journalists are employed by Comoros, who cover the news from all parts of Comoros. Al Atwan has a professional tie-up with a number of national and international news agencies, who help Al Atwan with updated news. The journalists can work freely without any monitoring by the Government of Comoros.

The other popular Comoros newspapers, which concentrate on Moroni news include:
  • Kashkazi
  • Comoros Infos