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Business in Comoros

by Aakash Singha

The business in Comoros depends largely on agriculture. The foreign private organizations are investing in the Comoros business on a large scale. The Government of Comoros is lending extensive support to them.

The Comoros business is dependent extensively on agriculture. Few other business sectors, in which Comoros has thrived, include forestry, hunting, and fishing.

Nearly 40% of the Comoros population is dependent on agro-industries in Comoros. There have been quite a few foreign investments in the business of Comoros in the 21st century.

The Government of Comoros has issued many transparent systems to attract foreign investors to Comoros. The businessmen from Dubai have invested largely in the Comoros business. The business in Comoros depends largely on the exports of agricultural products and perfume to European nations and the US. The business of Comoros is mostly centered in the capital and principal town of Comoros, Moroni.

The business organizations in Comoros have started technical training programs for the Comoros youth. In the post-training sessions, the trained young people of Comoros are largely recruited from the Comoros companies. The Government of Comoros is lending its full support to the private organizations in Comoros. The business in Comoros is mostly carried on in French and Arabic language. English is rarely used in Comoros business sectors.

The Government of Comoros is very optimistic about the further growth of business in Comoros. The Government plans to grow the Banc du Geyser and the Glorioso Islands as special economic zones of Comoros.

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