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Transportation in Comoros

Comoros transportation is supported by well developed airways. The transport facility in Comoros is also served by the waterways. There are ships from the mainland of Africa to Madagascar that halt at Anjouan or Grande Comore.
The port of Dzaoudzi facilitates transportation in Comoros to some extent. Another important port that supports transportation at Comoros is Mutsamudu. The ferries provide a transportation link between the islands of Comoros.

There are 3 islands in Comoros each having ringed road. The Hahaia International Airport is located on Grande Comore. There are airfields in other islands too. All the 4 airports have got paved runways. Comores Aviation supports the domestic movement of passengers. Majority of the flights to Comoros, land up at Moroni International Prince Said Ibrahim (HAH). Various commercial flights link Comoros with France, Reunion, Johannesburg and other places. Flights are considered to be the most important means for getting to Comoros.

Comoros has got a total of 880 kilometers of roadways to facilitate Comoros transportation. Out of these, there are 673 kilometers of paved roadways and 207 kilometers of unpaved roadways (as per 1999 data report). Besides, taxis also ply on the roads of Comoros. Shared taxis are also available at Comoros for transportation purpose.