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Agriculture Sector in Comoros

by Aakash Singha

The two different agricultural zones of Comoros are the coastal area and the highlands. The coastal area produces the cash crops like ylang-ylang, vanilla, and cloves.

Comoros agriculture makes the base of the economy of Comoros and the livelihood of the people of Comoros. The two different agricultural zones of Comoros support different types of agricultural products in Comoros.

One of these zones is the coastal area that stretches to 400 meters from the sea level in Comoros. The coastal area contributes to the growth of major Comoros cash crops like ylang-ylang, vanilla, and cloves. The cultivators in the other agricultural zone of Comoros, the highlands, produce a fair amount of products of Comoros agriculture like rain rice, bananas, cassava, and sweet potatoes.

The agriculture of Comoros, which is produced in the highlands is used mainly for domestic consumption. The agricultural items from the coastal areas of Comoros are exported hugely for various purposes. Comoros has been the leading country in the production of ylang-ylang for years. The distillation of ylang-ylang produces a perfume, which is very famous in European nations and US. The perfume extracted from ylang-ylang is thus exported on a large scale from Comoros. Vanilla is the other agricultural product of Comoros that yields a big volume of foreign money for Comoros.

The cloves also formed an export item for Comoros on a large scale in the past. But from the later part of the 20th century, the production of cloves in Comoros has dropped. Several rural development programs are organized in Comoros by the Government of Comoros in association with other organizations like the World Food Program, and the UN Food, and Agriculture Organization to educate the farmers of Comoros to yield maximum agricultural products from the land of Comoros.

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