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Birds in Comoros

by Aakash Singha

The rain forests and mangrove forests sprawling along the coasts of Comoros are the habitats of the various Comoros Birds. Certain Comoros birds are endemic to Comoros while some are even endemic to a certain island in Comoros.

Various Comoros Birds have found their abode in the rain forests and mangrove forests sprawling along the coasts of Comoros. Certain Comoros birds are common to Comoros while some can be found on a certain island of Comoros.

A variety of exquisite migratory birds can also be located at the freshwater lakes of Dziani Karehani, Dziani Boundouni, and Lac Dzialandze. These birds drop in here on the way to Africa and Madagascar. The Migratory birds found here include:

  • Madagascar Squacco Heron
  • Little Grebe
  • Madagascar Heron
  • Eleonora’s Falcon
  • Crab-plover Dromas
  • Palearctic waders

About 21 species of birds are considered to be common birds of Comoros. The birds of Comoros which are intrinsic to the country include:

  • Bronze Mannikin
  • Grand Comoro Drongo
  • Mayotte Scops-owl
  • Mount Karthala White-eye
  • Anjouan sunbird
  • Anjouan brush-warbler
  • Comoro olive-pigeon
  • Comoro blue-pigeon

The habitats of the birds in Comoros are threatened because of a number of factors like a volcanic eruption, erosion of soils, and deforestation. Birds like the Grand Comoro flycatcher and the Grand Comoro drongo are mainly facing the problem of habitat loss. Several species of birds like the Karthala scops owl are also becoming critically endangered. Some of the birds, which are threatened with extinction, include Hilton-Taylor and Mayotte drongo. Various steps are now being undertaken to conserve the rare species of birds in Comoros.

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