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Government of Comoros

Comoros Government is a republican form of government. The country, Comoros is located in Southern part of Africa. It gained its independence from France on 6th July, 1975.
The constitution of this nation was last modified on 23rd December, 2001.

The Comoros Government is divided into executive, legislative and judicial branches. The President of Comoros is Ahmed Abdallah Sambi. He is also the head of the government of Comoros. The council of ministers for the Cabinet is appointed by him. As per the 2001 Constitution rules, the term for Presidentship is 4 years. It is the Prime Minister who is entitled to appoint the President, though this post is vacant since 2002. A person is entitled to vote if he has completed the age of 18 years.

There is a Supreme Court in Comoros that forms an important part of the judicial branch of the government. The law is based on the Islamic and French law. The major political parties, which actively take part in the government at Comoros, are:
  • Convention for the Renewal of the Comoros (CRC)
  • Front National pour la Justice (FNJ)
  • Parti Comorien pour la Democratie et le Progress (PCDP)
  • Rassemblement National pour le Development (RND)
  • Camp of the Autonomous Islands (CdIA)
  • Mouvement pour la Democratie et le Progress (MDP-NGDC)