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Executive Branch of Comoros

Comoros Executive is composed of President and a number of Council of Ministers of the Cabinet. It can be said that the President and the Council of Ministers are two important wings of the executive branch at Comoros.
These ministers are appointed by the President of the country. The President is the chief of the state as well as the head of the government of Comoros. The chair of the President is rotated among the Presidents elected from the three main islands of Comoros after every 4 years. President is appointed by the Prime Minister of Comoros.

Contemporary Executive Branch of Comoros

In Comoros, the last election for the chair of President took place on 14th May, 2006. In this election, Ahmed Abdallah Sambi emerged triumphant on 26th May for the position of President winning 58.0% of the votes. Azali Assoumani was the President preceding Ahmed Abdallah Sambi. The position of the Prime Minister is however left vacant from May, 2002. According to the rules of 2001 Constitution, the term of office for the President is 4 years.

The Council of Ministers of the Comoros Executive looks after various departments under the government. They work in coordination with one another for a prospective development of the government of Comoros.