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Population in Chad

Chad Population can be said to be multi ethnic as there exists quite a few religions. The religions followed in Chad are Christianity, Islam and African religion. The annual rate of growth of Population in Chad is about 3.27%.
The density of population per square kilometer is 6.6. The Population of Chad was calculated to be 8,598,000 in 2003 by the United Nations. It was also noted, that in that year only 3% of the population was above 65 years of age, 48% under 15 years of age and the remaining between 15 to 65 years of age.

It was estimated that in the year 2001, 24% of Chad Population lived in the urban areas. Population in Chad grew quite rapidly over the period of last few years. The rate of growth of population was more among the Christians and the African Religions compared to the Muslims. Chad Information reveals that with more than 200 ethnic groups, the culture of Chad is quite diverse. The culture of Chad Population in the southern parts of Chad has got a strong influence of the European Culture as the French had ruled Chad for a considerable long period of time. However the touch Arabian Culture is there through out in the Chad culture. However the calculated population in Chad is 10,238,807 people in 2007 and the present growth rate of population is about 2.92%.

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