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Police of Chad

Chad Police refers to the central or the main body of the country, which is vested with the responsibility of maintaining law, security and discipline at the national level.

One important thing should be mentioned about Chad Police is that the body exercising the above explained responsibility has been through a number of changes.

Police of Chad
In the earlier days, National Military Police, the Territorial Military Police and National Security Police were the prime police organization of the country. The Bureau of documentation and Security was another important organization of the country. The National Security Police, which is known as Surete, was a part of a unified body that was responsible for maintain security for a number of countries.

National Gendarmerie
However, in the year 1979, the parliamentary National Gendarmerie, under the French control, was vested with the important responsibility of maintaining law and order in the country. National Gendarmerie consisted of 25 "man mobile platoons", and 8 policemen, who were responsible for carrying out simple police functions in the interiors of the country.

Replacement of National Gendarmerie
National Gendarmerie was further replaced by a police force which was formed of soldiers from FAP and FAN. Some important contributions were also made from other military organizations of the country to this police force. The finally, with the coming of Herbe into power, Police Militaire Territoriale was formed and its functions were similar to that of National Gendarmerie.

This above discussion on Chad Police shows that although there is not a clearly identified body conducting police function, one has existed in all times.