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Moving to Chad

Moving to Chad refers to the process of immigrating to Chad from different countries such as Libya, Sudan and Congo. Innumerable number of people from neighboring countries shift to the country of Chad and settle down there.

In the recent times due to the internal conflict going on in Sudan a large number of refugees are moving to Chad. Almost 234,000 refugees from Sudan migrated to the country of Chad.

Reasons for Chad Immigration from Other Countries
A large number of people suffering from labor problems in countries such as Nigeria and Congo shifted to Chad. People moving to Chad from various African countries were looking for better employment and enhanced conditions of living. Most of them started settling down in N'Djamena, Moundou and Sarh, which are the major cities of Chad.

During the onset of the gulf wars in the late 19th century a large number of settlers from the gulf countries migrated to the the land of Chad. The inhabitants of the middle-east countries started moving to different African as well as Asian countries for their lives were threatened. Chad was one of the major places where these refugees started settling at an enormous rate. Thus the population of Muslims have increased since the 19th century in the country of Chad.