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Living in Chad

Living in Chad determines the condition of living in the country of Chad. Living in Chad is quite convenient and the cost of living is considerably fair. Life in Chad is quite complacent and peaceful.

Lifestyle in Chad varies from region to region within the country of Chad. People of Chad are habituated to the sedentary kind of living and most of them lead a very easy going life.

Urban Lifestyle in Chad
The urban lifestyle in Chad is full of life and quite vibrant. People lead fast lives in the country of Chad and their major sources of entertainment are the nightclubs and the discotheques. The cost of living in the urban sectors of Chad is quite high in comparison to the rural areas. In major cities, such as N'Djamena, Moundou and Sarh, business centers, educational institutions, shopping malls and a large number of five-star hotels and resorts are commonly found. Chad is one of the best real estate grounds where buyers and sellers are earning a huge profit through this business.

Rural Lifestyle in Chad
Rural conditions of living are very different from that of the urban lifestyle in Chad. The farmers and cultivators living in the villages of Chad lead sedentary and complacent lives. The government of Chad is doing a lot in order to enhance the conditions of living for the rural dwellers of Chad. Many schools, hospitals and industries are sprawling in the suburban areas, which are proving beneficial for the rural Chadians. In recent years a large number of the rural dwellers are shifting to the metropolitan cities in Chad for better living conditions.