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Brazil Information

Brazil Information are basically fast facts, offering an overview about the nation to an alien at a single glance. These are information which help to foreign tourists to know more about this Latin American land, during their first visits.
Mentioned below, are a handful of facts about Brazil, a glance of which offers substantial knowledge about the region:

Brazil Information: Topography, Climate, Environment and other associated facts

1) Brazil is located in the eastern borders of South America, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean

2) Its capital city is Brasilia

3) Brazilian National Flag is green in color with a large yellow diamond in the middle, bearing a blue celestial globe with a constellation of 27 white five-pointed stars

4) The country covers a total surface area of 8,511,965 sq km, among which 8,456,510 sq km is the land area covered

5) Brazil is relatively smaller in size than the United States of America

6) The total Brazilian land boundaries measure 14,691 km

7) 7,491 km is the total measurement of Brazilian coastline

8) The neighboring states of Brazil include:

1) Venezuela
2) Suriname
3) Uruguay
4) Guyana
5) Paraguay
6) Peru
7) Colombia
8) Bolivia
9) Argentina

1) Climate in Brazil is mostly tropical, but temperate weather towards the south
2) The Brazilian terrain is mostly undulating, with flat and rolling lowlands in the north
3) The Brazilian geographic features include mountains, hilly areas, plain lands and constricted coastal region
4) 27,000 sq km land in Brazil is under irrigation

Brazil Information: Natural resources, demography, economy, government, currency, transport and defense

1)Brazil is rich in minerals like nickel, uranium, phosphates, iron ore, manganese, bauxite, tin, hydropower, gold, platinum and other organic resources like timber and petroleum
2) The total Brazilian population is 158,739,257
3) People of diverse nationalities and skin tans like Japanese, Amerindians, Portuguese, Italian, German, white, black and mixed inhabit the Brazilian mainland
4) Roman Catholicism is the principal religion in Brazil
5) Portuguese is the official Brazilian language, but French, Spanish and English are also spoken extensively
6) 81 percent of the total Brazilian population is literate
7) Brazil is a federal Republican country
8) Economy in Brazil is based on agriculture, mining, and industrial sectors
9) Currency of Brazil is 1 real (R$), which is equivalent to100 centavos

Excellent network of rail-road-waterway-air transports available in Brazil Be it a tourist or a layman, these Brazil Information are adequate to make people acquainted with the country and its whereabouts at a glance.

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