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Most Powerful Countries in the World

The top ten most powerful countries in the world based on the Global Presence Index 2015 are the United States, China, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, France, Japan, Netherlands, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Italy.

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Top Ten Most Powerful Countries in 2014 Canada Map USA Map USA Map UK Map - United Kingdom France Map Germany Map China Map Japan Map Russia Map Netherlands Italy

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Powerful Countries in the World based on the Global Presence Index from 2011- 2015
RankCountries20152014Rank 20142013Rank 20132012Rank 20122011Rank 2011
4United Kingdom403.9413.72363.14337.44305.73
10Saudi Arabia194.3188.610183.810175.811123.611

Top Ten Powerful Countries - Image Gallery
USA_shutterstock 1. USA - The country tops the list of powerful nations who have projected their influence on the world stage. It accounts for almost 20% of the world's GDP. The US is the largest producer of oil and natural gas and arguably the second largest manufacturer with most influential financial markets.
China_shutterstock_2. China - The Asian giant, which is expected to outdo the US in 2030. It's economy is second only to the US and spends 2.1 per cent of its GDP on military. It has been a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council since 1971.
Germany_shutterstock3. Germany - Germany has emerged as the leader of Europe after the financial recession from 2008-2012. State-of-the-art technology sector has made Germany the largest economy in the European Union.
United_Kingdom_shutterstock4. UK - The UK is easily the most powerful country in Europe as it exerts diplomatic, influence globally. The country has a winning combination of military and industrial prowess
Russia_shutterstock5. Russia - The country's economy is powered by extensive natural resources, including oil, natural gas, and precious metals. Moreover, it's the second largest arms exporter in the world after the US. It exports arms worth $15-20 billion every year.
France_shutterstock6. France - As the world's sixth largest economy, France has the largest business district in Europe, La Defense. It is the world leader in developing Nuclear Energy.
Japan_shutterstock7. Japan - Besides being the second largest producer of automobiles in the world, Japan is also a leading producer of electronics, machine tools, textiles, chemical substances, and processed foods.
Netherlands_shutterstock8. Netherland - As the sixth largest economy in the European Union, the Netherlands serves as a phenomenal transportation hub with stable industrial relations and moderate unemployment. It is also the second largest agricultural exporter.
Canada_shutterstock9. Canada - The second largest country in the world is a large exporter of energy, food and minerals. Canada has world's third largest proven oil reserves and it is also the fifth-largest oil producer in the world. It is an active member of the UN, NATO, and the Commonwealth of Nations.
Saudi_Arabia_Kingdom_Tower_at_night10. Saudi Arabia - The country is emerging as the new Arab superpower. It is the world's top exporter of oil and has recently got the membership of the World Trade Organization.

According to Global Presence Index 2014, the top ten most powerful countries in the world are :

USA - Most Powerful Country in the World : 

 The United States heads the UN's list of countries by GDP, and is the third most populous country in the world. It also heads the power index on four parameters, namely economic, military, technological, and foreign affairs capabilities. The US looks set to stay on the top of the list for at least another decade or more.

United Kingdom :  The United Kingdom has long been a world superpower, once controlling a quarter of the land on Earth. Placed in the top seven economies of the world by GDP rankings, the UK continues to exercise influence through its leadership of commonwealth countries. The UK is also the world's sixth-largest military spender.

Germany :  Germany is known for its strong economy, which ranks fourth worldwide, as well as its innovative technology sector. A fairly large country within Europe, Germany is the eighteenth largest nation by population. Germany also has a strong military presence, ranking ninth in military spending.

China :  The most populous country in the world, China continues to expand its global sphere of influence by flexing its economic and military might. Though, it ranks significantly below the US in technological, energy security and foreign affairs capabilities, analysts predict that it is poised to overtake the US as the most powerful country in the world in 2030, as per the International Futures model.

France :  France is an influential nation with a high standard of living and strong involvement in international issues. Though, France ranks fairly low in energy security, its recognition as a permanent member of the UN Security Council enhances its position in global diplomacy.

Russia :  The largest country in the world in size, Russia ranks second in the world in military capability. Its vast energy resources also place it high in the energy security category, and it continues to exercise international influence, thus leading to its high ranking in the foreign affairs capability category.

Japan :  Japan's strong economy ranks fourth worldwide, aided by its automobile industry, and science and technology. Japan spends the fifth highest amount on its military and defense budget, despite officially renouncing its right to declare war. Though Japan is a small country in area, it has the 11th highest population worldwide.

The Netherlands :  A small densely populated country located in Western Europe, is the world’s second largest exporter of food and agricultural products after the United States. The country has a strong economy and is the sixth-largest economy in the European Union. A market-based economy, the Index of Economic Freedom has ranked it 17th out of 177 countries.

Canada :  A generally neutral nation, Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia. Close ties with the United States and a commonwealth of the United Kingdom help give Canada a powerful ranking, as do its wealth of natural resources and high standards of living that place it high on the human development index. Canada also enjoys a strong economy with the eleventh highest GDP in the world.

Italy :  A major regional power, Italy has played a major role in the European and world diplomatic, cultural and military affairs. Italy is the third-largest economy in the euro-zone. As per the 2014 estimate, the GDP per capita (PPP) of the country is $34,500.

Top Ten Powerful Nations 2013 (According to Global Presence)

Top Ten Powerful Countries Ranking (2012)

NOTE: National Power Index (NPI) 2012 is a comprehensively revised version of the previous National Security Indexes published in India’s National Security Annual Review (INSAR) series since 2002.

The National Power Index is a comprehensive list that ranks the countries of the world according to a composite index which combines statistical analysis of the Economic, Military, Population , Technology, Energy Security, and Foreign Affairs capabilities of a country. Each of these factors is given a certain weightage and the overall composite index is prepared after detailed analysis of the individual components.

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Last Updated on: May 25, 2016

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