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Top Ten Healthiest Countries in the World

The map of Top Ten Healthiest Countries is based on the average life expectancy at birth. The top countries include Monaco, Macau and Japan.

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Description : Map shows the top ten healthy (Avg. Life Expectancy) countries in the world. Disclaimer

A good health is a secret of any human being’s happiness and success. The overall health quotient of the population is an important factor which contributes to the success of a country. This map made by depicts the top ten healthiest countries in the world.

The map indicates the name of the top ten healthiest countries, their geographical locations and their average life expectancy at the time of birth. The statistics on the basis of which this map is prepared states that Monaco is the healthiest country in the world with life expectancy of 89.57 years at birth.

The map also describes that nine out of top ten countries, either belong to Europe or Asia, which make them the healthiest continents in the world.

Top Ten Healthiest Countries in World
RankingCountry NameAvg. Life Expectancy in Years
5San Marino83.18
6Hong Kong82.78
Source: CIA World Factbook

Last Updated : April 07, 2015

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