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Top Ten Countries by Agricultural Exports

The Top Ten Agricultural Exporters' map has been prepared on the basis of the total agriculture exports of a country. Top exporters include USA, Brazil and China.

Top Ten Agricultural Exports Countries Map USA Map Canada Map Brazil Map Netherlands Map Belgium Map Germany Map France Map Italy Map Spain Map China Map
Description : Map shows top ten countries by agricultural exports in the world. Disclaimer

The production as well as consumption of numerous agricultural plant commodities is accompanied by a diverse geographical distribution. Factors such as climate, related vegetation and the economy of the nation play a vital role in the level of agricultural production. While some of the countries
witness massive production of agricultural products, there are others which have to import the items from neighbouring countries.

On the list of top 10 countries by agricultural exports, the United States of America is positioned on the first spot, exporting agricultural items worth 175.57 billion dollars. Following the footsteps of USA are countries including Brazil, China, Canada, India and so on.

While China has been ranked as the third biggest exporter of agricultural products, the nation is indeed the leading producer of wheat and ramie and produces 96% of the world’s ramie fibre along with 17% of the world’s wheat. Major agricultural products can be grouped into foods, fibres, fuels and raw materials. In the list of world’s top 10 agricultural exporters, Australia and Malaysia rank on the ninth and tenth positions, exporting agricultural products with a value of 37.60 and 30.10 billion dollars.

World Top 10 - Agriculture Exporters Countries

* Source: WTO

Top 10 Agricultural Exporting Countries video

Last Updated on: November 25, 2016

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