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Peru Population

Peru population is the representative of a number of races including the natives of this South American country. In fact, Peru is one of the Latin American countries, where there are the largest number of native Peruvians. But the population of this country is actually a mixture of people coming from several origins. That is why today's Peru population is the representation of not only the Amerindians but also the Asian, African and some other races. Since Peru has a multi ethnic population, its culture and other aspects of general life are also reflective of a variegated cultural pattern.

Peru population reflects multicultural pattern and activities. At present, this South American country stands in the thirty eight position in the whole world, among 193 countries, regarding its population. Peru population, as its demographical study shows, is 27,167,000 in 2003. Among this population there are almost 30.9% people who are below fourteen years of age. People who have age within fifteen to sixty years, comprises almost 63.7% among the whole population and people more than sixty five years of age comprises of 5.3% of the total population. Population growth in this country as is estimated in 2006 is 1.32%.

Peru is a land of multicultural activities due to presence of a number of races including the native Peruvians. The races that are here in this country are, Amerindians, Mestizo, Caucasian, African, Chinese, Japanese and some other minor races. As a result of the presence of these various ethnic groups, in the field of religion also there are diversity. Roman Catholicism is the major religion of this country. There are some other religious groups also in Peru.

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