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South Korea Flag

The Republic of Korea or South Korea is an independent nation in Eastern Asia. It uses the Taegeuk as its national emblem, which is also featured on its national flag.

South Korea Flag

South Korean Flag

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The flag of Republic of Korea or South Korea is also known as Taegeukgi. The ensign has three segments - a white field; a blue and red taegeuk in the middle; and four black three-letter figures, one in every angle of the ensign.

The common layout of the ensign also originates from the conventional application of the tricolor emblem (yellow, blue, and red) by the people of Korea, from the initial phases of the chronicles of Korea. The white field stands for "purity of the people." The Taegeuk symbolizes the source of all objects in the universe. Collectively, they stand for an uninterrupted progress in eternity.

Conventionally, the four trigrams are associated with water, fire, wood, earth, and metal - the five fundamental elements. This concept has parallels with the four conventional elements of the West.

The flag is hoisted on all national events in South Korea.

The Republic of Korea flag was officially approved on July 12, 1948. It was planned by Young-Hyo Park and initially approved as an insignia by the Korean Empire in 1882. The ensign was proscribed throughout the period of settlement. The Taegeuk acted as an icon of confrontation and sovereignty throughout that period, and possession of it was liable to be punished by death penalty.

Following freedom, both North and South Korea originally assumed editions of the Taegeuk. However, North Korea modified its official ensign to a layout influenced by the flag of the Soviet Union after three years. The Republic of Korea Constituent Assembly formally approved the Taegeuk as the official ensign on July 12, 1948. Once the Government of the Republic of Korea was founded, "The Rules for the flag of the Republic of Korea" were first ratified.

Adopted On July 12, 1948
Name Flag of Republic of Korea, Republic of Korea Flag, Official Flag of Republic of Korea
Stands for The white color stands for harmony and transparency; the blue color symbolizes the harmful cosmic energies, while the red color signifies the conflicting positive powers. Every trigram represents one of the four traditional elements.
Designed by Young-Hyo Park
Proportion 2:3
Colors Red, Blue, and Black.

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