South Korea Weather

South Korea generally experiences temperate climate. South Korea has heavy rainfall during summers than winters. South Korea has four seasons in the country. The winters of South Korea are usually cold, long and dry while the summers are hot, humid and short. The
spring and autumn are very pleasant but their duration are short. The masses of air from the Asian continent creates a great influence on the South Korea Weather. The movement of air from the Pacific Ocean also exerts pressure on the South Korea Weather.

South Korea gets moderate rainfall and which is ideal for the growth of agriculture in this country. South Korea normally gets more than 100 centimeters of total rainfall in a year. But the amount of total rainfall varies year after year. South Korea Weather also experiences serious droughts once in every eight years or so. In the southwestern part of the country the drought generally occurs. In between the months of June and September the country gets the two thirds of its annual rainfall.

Seoul gets a average temperature of-5 degree centigrades during the month of January and during the month of July the country experiences a temperature of 22 degree C to 25 degree C. Typhoons are very common in South Korea. During the late summer typhoons generally pass over the country. Torrential rains are brought by the typhoons. Sometimes considerable amount of damages are caused by floods in the country.

South Korea Weather is greatly influenced by the air masses of the Asian continent.

Last Updated on: October 13th, 2017