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South Korea formally the Republic of South Korea is located in East Asia. It is the southern half of the Korean Peninsula bounded by the Sea of Japan in the east, the Yellow Sea in the west and the Korea Strait in the south.

In the north it shares its land boundary with Democratic Republic of Korea (North Korea). The other overseas neighbors of South Korea are Japan in the east and China in the west.

The total area covered by South Korea is 99,720 sq. km. It is the hundred and ninth largest country of the world and has 2413 km long coastline. The geographic coordinates of the country are 37 00N and 127 30E. Seoul is its capital and the largest city.

South Korea is the 12th developed country in the world and has highest income in Asia and tenth highest income in the world. South Korea’s terrain is mostly mountainous with only 30% lowland out of the total land area. The climate in South Korea is temperate with more rainy summers than winters. In 2012, South Korea was ranked as the 20th most visited country of the world.

Facts About South Korea

Country Name South Korea
Capital and largest citySeoul
Area100,210 km2 ( 38,691 sq mi ) Water (%) 0.3 (301 km2 / 116 mi2)
Population51,302,044 (2014 estimate)
Lat Long37.5500° N, 126.9667° E
Official LanguageKorean
Calling Code+82
Time ZoneKorea Standard Time (UTC+9)
Airport30- Total, 9- Airports commercial
Neighbour CountriesNorth Korea, Russia, Japan
Internet TLD.kr
CurrencySouth Korean won (KRW)

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