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Lebanon Flag

The Lebanon flag has two red bands at the top and at the bottom and in the middle portion of the Lebanon flag there is a white strip. In the middle portion of this white central part of the Lebanese flag there is a fully green cedar tree.
Lebanon flag

Flag of Lebanon

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The cedar tree touches the red bands on both sides. The colors and the cedar tree have their own significances.

Red color signifies bloodshed in freedom struggle, white represents peace and the cedar tree is the symbol of steadiness and immortality.

Official Name: Jamhouriya Al lubnaniya

Capital: Beirut

Location: On the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, Lebanon has borders with Syria and Israel.

Area: 10, 400 Sq. km.

Official Language: Arabic

National Flag. Three horizontal stripes of red white red with the white of double width and bearing in the center a green cedar of Lebanon.