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Lebanon Independence Day

National Day of Lebanon
Declaration of Independence (when is Independence Day)
Lebanon gained independence on 22 November 1943. The day is celebrated to commemorate the liberation of Lebanon from the French Mandate.

History (Background)
From 1516-1918, Lebanon was under the administrative rule of the Ottoman Empire. In 1920, the territory, which is defined by current-day boundaries, came to be called Grand Liban. This name was given by General Gouraud, chief of the French troops. Until 26 November 1941, the state remained under the French rule. However, on 25 May 1926 a constitution was adopted, which established a democratic republic with a parliamentary system of government. It finally came into effect on 22 November, 1943. This day became the Independence Day in the history of Lebanon. In 1945, Lebanon also became a founding member of the League of Arab states and a member of the United Nations.

The translated version of the national anthem is as follows:
All for the country, for the glory, for the flag
From the beginning of centuries, our pencil and sword
Our field and mountains are making the men
Our word and work on the way of perfection
All for the country, for the glory for the flag

Young and old at the voice of the country
Lions of forest at the time of violation
Our east is its heart forever Lebanon
Its God protects it all over the time
All for the country, for the glory for the flag

Its sea, its land, are the pearl of the two orients
Its symbol, its charity, fill up the two poles
Its name is its triumph since the time of our grandfathers
Its glory is its cedars, its symbol is for the end of epochs
All for the country, for the glory for the flag

Independence Day is a public holiday in Lebanon. The day is celebrated in honor of people who have suffered a lot to gain the much desired freedom. Beirut; the capital of Lebanon, is the main hub of activity. Here celebrations are held with pomp and glory. You can also witness a grand parade featuring Lebanese and military dignitaries. A visit to the capital city on this day will take you back to the turbulent past of the country.

  • Location : Eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea
  • Government : Republic
  • Acting President : Tammam Salam
  • Prime Minister : Tammam Salam
  • Population : As per the 2014 estimate, Lebanon has an approximate population of 5,882,562
  • Largest city : Beirut
  • Capital : Beirut
  • National name : Al-Joumhouriya al-Lubnaniya
  • Languages : Arabic (official), English, French, Armenian
  • Major Ethnicity/race : Arab, Armenian
  • Religions : Muslim, Christian, Druze, Jews, Buddhists, Baha'is, Hindus, as well as Mormons.
  • Agriculture : grapes, olives, citrus, apples, tomatoes, potatoes, vegetables, tobacco; sheep, goats.
  • Natural resources : iron ore, limestone, salt
  • Industries : tourism, banking, jewelry, food processing, textiles, cement, wood and furniture products, mineral and chemical products, oil refining, metal fabricating


Last Updated : November 11, 2014

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