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Top Ten Countries with the Most Debt

The Top Ten Countries Most in Debt map has been prepared on the basis of the Total External Debt of a country.

map of top ten countries most in debt
Description : The map showing 10 countries that have highest external debt. Disclaimer

Top 10 Countries with Highest External Debt

External Debt is that part of the country's total debt that was borrowed from foreign lenders, including governments, international financial institutions, and commercial banks. As per the latest available data with the CIA Factbook, the United States tops the list of 10 countries that have the highest external debt. The US was followed by the UK, whose debt stands almost half of that of the US. European countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain and Ireland are also in the list of countries with huge external debt.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is one of the agencies responsible for tracks a country's external debt. A debt crisis occurs when a country cannot make enough profit to repay external debt.

Countries with the Most Debt

RankCountryDebt - ExternalDate of Information
1United States$17,910,000,000,00031 March 2016 est.
2United Kingdom$8,126,000,000,00031 March 2016 est.
3France$5,360,000,000,00031 March 2016 est.
4Germany$5,326,000,000,00031 March 2016 est.
5Netherlands$4,284,000,000,00031 March 2016 est.
6Luxembourg$3,781,000,000,00031 March 2016 est.
7Japan$3,240,000,000,00031 March 2016 est.
8Ireland$2,470,000,000,00031 March 2016 est.
9Italy$2,444,000,000,00031 March 2016 est.
10Spain$2,094,000,000,00031 March 2016 est.

Other Countries with the Debt

RankCountryDebt - ExternalDate of Information
11Australia$1,692,000,000,00031 December 2016 est.
12Switzerland$1,664,000,000,00031 March 2016 est.
13Canada$1,608,000,000,00031 March 2016 est.
14Belgium$1,281,000,000,00031 March 2016 est.
15China$983,500,000,00031 December 2016 est.
16Sweden$939,900,000,00031 March 2016 est.
17Austria$689,100,000,00031 March 2016 est.
18Norway$642,300,000,00031 March 2016 est.
19Finland$544,700,000,00031 March 2016 est.
20Brazil$544,100,000,00031 December 2016 est.
21Russia$514,800,000,00031 December 2016 est.
22India$507,000,000,00031 December 2016 est.
23Greece$506,600,000,00031 March 2016 est.
24Denmark$484,800,000,00031 March 2016 est.
25Mexico$484,600,000,00031 December 2016 est.
26Singapore$467,400,000,00031 December 2016 est.
27Portugal$449,000,000,00031 March 2016 est.
28Hong Kong$446,000,000,00031 December 2016 est.
29Turkey$410,400,000,00031 December 2016 est.
30Korea, South$385,600,000,00031 December 2016 est.
31Poland$344,800,000,00031 December 2016 est.
32Indonesia$344,700,000,00031 December 2016 est.
33United Arab Emirates$220,400,000,00031 December 2016 est.
34Saudi Arabia$200,900,000,00031 December 2016 est.
35Malaysia$187,500,000,00031 December 2016 est.
36Chile$160,000,000,00031 December 2016 est.
37Qatar$159,200,000,00031 December 2016 est.
38Taiwan$155,400,000,00031 December 2016 est.
39Argentina$155,100,000,00031 December 2016 est.
40Kazakhstan$147,700,000,00031 December 2016 est.
41Thailand$137,100,000,00031 December 2016 est.
42Hungary$131,200,000,00031 December 2016 est.
43South Africa$129,700,000,00031 December 2016 est.
44Czechia$128,900,000,00031 December 2016 est.
45Ukraine$127,700,000,00031 December 2016 est.
46Colombia$110,900,000,00031 December 2016 est.
47Romania$101,400,000,00031 December 2016 est.
48Malta$97,350,000,00031 March 2016 est.
49Cyprus$95,280,000,00031 December 2013 est.
50Venezuela$91,990,000,00031 December 2016 est.

The Quarterly External Debt (QEDS) database, jointly developed by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, brings together detailed external debt data of countries that subscribe to the IMF’s Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS) and a selected number of countries that participate in the IMF’s General Data Dissemination System (GDDS)

World Top Ten Countries with Highest External Debt


Top Ten Countries with the Most Debt (27th Sep, 2013)


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