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Google Map of Docol City

Docol is situated in the east region of Somalia. The nearest big city to Docol is Gaalkayo, which is around 30km far from it. Docol is not a big city. It would be better to call it a small town.
Since Somalia's independence from Italian and British rule, Docol in Somalia is working a lot in order to develop the standard of living of the people there. The people in Docol speak Somali language. It is an all total different language. The language is originally a tribal language. Even the majority of the population in Somalia is tribal groups.

Docol Geography
The geographical co-ordinates of Docol are as follows:
  • Longitude - 47.4833
  • Latitude - 6.4333
  • Altitude, in meters - 298
  • Altitude, in feet - 980

The time zone -est is UTC+3

Docol Climate
The climate of Docol is mostly hot and humid. The country mostly suffers irregular rainfall and frequent droughts. The government of the country is working for the betterment of the town and makes it suitable from all respect.

Docol Demography
The population is around 8,863,338, which is growing at a quick rate. However measures are taken to control the growth rate.

Doholere is the other name by which Docol is often called.

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