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Los Angeles Metro Map

by poonam bisht

LA Metro map is great tool to learn about the Los Angeles City metro. Los Angeles Metro Map provides information about metro network of the LA. The metro route of Los Angeles is displayed on the map.

Los Angeles Metro Map

Six Metro Rail lines operate in Los Angeles

Line name Opening Year Length in miles Stations Terminals Type
 Blue Line 1990 22 22 7th Street/Metro Center (north) Downtown Long Beach (south) Light rail
 Expo Line 2012 15.2 19 7th Street/Metro Center (east) Santa Monica (west) Light rail
 Gold Line 2003 31 27 APU/Citrus College (north) Atlantic (south) Light rail
 Green Line 1995 20 14 Redondo Beach (west) Norwalk (east) Light rail
 Purple Line 2006 6.4 8 Wilshire/Western (west) Union Station (east) Heavy rail
 Red Line 1993 16.4 14 North Hollywood (west) Union Station (east) Heavy rail

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