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Los Angeles Metro Map

Los Angeles Metro Map
Description : Map showing the Metro network connectivity of Los Angeles hollywood city in the USA. Disclaimer : 

Six Metro Rail lines operate in Los Angeles

Line nameOpening YearLength in milesStationsTerminalsType
 Blue Line 199022  227th Street/Metro Center (north) Downtown Long Beach (south)Light rail
 Expo Line 201215.2  197th Street/Metro Center (east) Santa Monica (west)Light rail
 Gold Line 200331  27APU/Citrus College (north) Atlantic (south)Light rail
 Green Line 199520  14Redondo Beach (west) Norwalk (east)Light rail
 Purple Line 20066.4  8Wilshire/Western (west) Union Station (east)Heavy rail
 Red Line 199316.4 14North Hollywood (west) Union Station (east)Heavy rail