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What are The Top Ten Largest Metro Systems in The World?

Largest Metro Systems in The World
Infographic Shows World Map Depicting The Largest Metro Systems in The World


The progressive world continues to make technological advancements that evoke awe and wonder. One such marvelous feat that made life easier for commuters, was the start of first rapid transit ‘London Underground’ in 1863. Over the years other nations began work on their transportation plans and today, there are more than 160 metro systems around the world. Often referred as ‘subway system’ or ‘underground railways’, metro systems are efficient, make travel quicker and provide budget-friendly commute to people.

Here we bring you the names of the largest metro systems in the world, as per the length of route:

1. Shanghai Metro

It might not be a surprise, that China’s Metro Rail is on the top! The largest city of China, Shanghai launched the metro system in year 1993. Today, the rail route stretches an impressive 420 miles, entailing 345 stations. The metro had its last expansion in year 2018, emerging as the largest metro system in the world, in terms of length.

2. Beijing Subway

How can the capital of China be left far behind? Built in year 1969, Beijing Subway is the oldest rapid transit train system of China. It stretches 390.2 miles, and has 391 stations. It is also the busiest route in the entire world. The country had recorded 3.78 billion ridership in 2017.

3. Guangzhou Metro

The third longest metro route is also in China, in the state of Guangzhou. Guangzhou metro was built in 1997 and at present, entails 257 stations. It stretches 296 miles and has 13 lines in operation. The construction is being carried out for starting more lines in the city, as per the 2011-2020 extensive metro development planned.

4. London Underground

The oldest metro transit of the world is London Underground, as it was constructed in 1863. Metropolitan Railway was the first initiative that transported both goods and people till 1933. At present, it covers 250 miles and has 270 total number of stations.

5. Moscow Metro

The capital of Russia, Moscow built its first rapid transit in 1935. The metro system has 16 lines and covers 238 miles. The system has 224 stations, if you exclude the Moscow Central Circle and Moscow Monorail. It is built mostly underground, and its station Park Pobedy is one of the deepest metro stations in the world.

6. New York City Subway

One of the most-crowded cities in the world, New York City has the largest metro system in terms of number of stations, that is, 424. It began operations in 1904, and stretches for 236.2 miles. Most of its routes offer service 24 hours per day on every day of the year.

7. Nanjing Metro

In 2005, China launched the metro operation in the city of Nanjing. By now, the system stretches 234 miles and has 159 number of stations. In 2017, the transit carried 977.4 million passengers.

8. Seoul Subway

North Korea opened this rapid transit in the city of Seoul in 1974. Seoul Subway covers the majority of metropolitan area in the city. It comprises 22 lines, stretching 206 miles. There are 291 stations in total.

9. Delhi Metro

The national capital of India, Delhi, began its metro operation in 2002. There are about 300 trains in service, and the system entails 8 color coded lines. The system stretches to 203 miles, and sustains 236 stations. Delhi metro entails a mix of mix of underground, at-grade, and elevated stations.

10. Chongqing Rail Transit

China takes away another spot in the top ten list of largest metro systems. Stretching for 164 miles, Chongqing rail transit has 8 lines. It began operation in 2004 and has 179 stations. It is a unique rail transit because of the mountainous geography and numerous river valleys that the city sustains.

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