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Flag of El Salvador

by Aakash Singha

The El Salvador Flag has three bands made of two colors blue and white alternatively and was officially adopted on 17th May 1912.

El Salvador Flag


Blank El Salvador Flag

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El Salvador Flag Description

Like many flags of nations in Central America, the flag of El Salvador uses blue and white, because these were the colors of the United Provinces of Central America, a union of Central American nations after achieving independence from Spain.

Like the flag of the Federal Republic of Central America, the flag of El Salvador has three equal bands of blue on the top and bottom, and white in between. El Salvador’s flag uses a deeper blue than that of the Central American flag.

The main version of El Salvador’s national flag, used by government organizations, has the coat of arms of El Salvador centered on the white stripe. The coat of arms has a triangle with five volcanoes, representing the members of the former Central American union. The Phrygian cap, a red hat, tops a staff and represents liberty. Behind the cap is a sun with beaming rays, encircled by the date of El Salvadorian independence, September 15, 1821. At the top of the triangle is a rainbow, symbolizing peace. Surrounding the triangle are five blue and white flags, which also represent the nations of Central America. Below the triangle, the motto of El Salvador is written on a scroll: Dios, Union, Libertad (God, Union, Liberty). Branches of laurel frame the triangle, representing victory. The branches are divided into fourteen sections, representing the fourteen Departments of El Salvador. Encircling all of this is the full name of the nation, Republica de El Salvador en la America Central, which translates to Republic of El Salvador in Central America.

An alternate version of the flag of El Salvador has the national motto, “Dios Union Libertad” written in yellow across the white stripe instead of the coat of arms. This flag is often used as the civil flag.

Before this flag was adopted in 1912, another flag had been used, somewhat resembling the American flag. The flag had nine blue and white stripes, and the canton in the upper left was red with white stars.

National symbol(s): turquoise-browed motmot (bird)
National colors: blue, white
National anthem:
Name: “Himno Nacional de El Salvador” (National Anthem of El Salvador)
Lyrics/Music: Juan Jose CANAS/Juan ABERLE

Fact about El Salvador flag

Country El Salvador
Designed by NA
Adopted May 27, 1912
Revision NA
Design and Colors A horizontal triband of blue (top and bottom) and white and blue with the National Coat of Arms of El Salvador centered on the white band;
Size Ratio 189:335

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