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Culture of El Salvador

The El Salvador Culture is highly influenced by Roman Catholicism. Being the main religion followed by the people of the El Salvador, Roman Catholicism has great influence over the culture. Culture of El Salvador also includes, Spanish and Nahua, the national languages. The official language is Spanish, but a few Indians do speak in Nahua and other tribal languages, which they have preserved for quite some time now. English is also used, as tourists mostly communicate in English with the local people. As there are great artists in El Salvador, art is an important part of the culture in El Salvador.

El Salvador covers an area of about 21,040 square kilometers. With a population of 6,700,000 people, Culture in El Salvador is quite versatile. El Salvador is primarily made up of three ethnic group Mestizos, which is a combination of Europeans and Indians, Amerindian and the Europeans. Mestizos are 89%, Amerindians are about 10% and Europeans are about 1%. El Salvador Culture has the influence of both Roman Catholicism and Protestantism.