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El Salvador Music

by Vishal Kumar

El Salvador Music is influenced by various ethnic groups involved in the colonization process. The music of El Salvador refers to Music of the Republic of El Salvador and is encompassed in the wider Latin American musical traditions.

El Salvador Music shows cultural and religious influences. Roman Catholicism has made a great impact on the El Salvador culture, which is also reflected in the music of the country.

Music in El Salvador features religious songs, which are mostly Roman Catholic. These were used during Christmas time as well as other holidays, especially during the feast days celebrated by the saints.

Folk songs are also popular in El Salvador Music. Modern music includes cumbia, hip hop, salsa, and reggaeton. However, the traditional Music of El Salvador was greatly influenced by the native cultures. The Spanish conquest did play a role in the culture and music of El Salvador as well. Thus till today, Spanish Music is popular in El Salvador. However, some of the popular El Salvador Music include Pipil and Maya, which are mostly based on drums, flutes, and rattles.

With time, even the fusion of European Classical Music with native El Salvador Music is also very popular among the people in El Salvador. The blend of European Classical Music, Spanish Music, and traditional El Salvador Music is truly exquisite. The popular El Salvador Music is based on the instruments like drums, flutes, scrapers, guitars, and gourds.

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