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Coelacanth Fish in Comoros

Coelacanth is kind of jawed fish, which was believed to be extinct since Cretaceous period about millions of years ago. They are known from the record of fossils about 360 million years ago.
A species of Coelacanth was again found in the year of 1938 off the eastern coast of South Africa, off Chalumna River. After that Coelacanth was found in Comoros and other parts of South Africa. The second specimen of Coelacanth was found in Comoros in the year of 1952. Coelacanth, the living fossil is thought to be the ancestor of even terrestrial tetra pods.

Coelacanths are usually lobe finned fish. The pectoral fins and anal fins of the fish are supported by bones. The cosmoid scales of the fish have become modified to thinner cosmoid scales over the years. They also possess rostral organ on their skull. This is an electro receptive device of the Coelacanth fish, which helps them for prey detection. Latimeria, the species of Coelacanth that are usually found now are 2m in length and weigh about 80 kg. They survive till 80- 100 years. They are deep blue in color and the color of the skin helps them to camouflage themselves while catching prey. The prey of Coelacanth fish usually includes:
  • Cuttlefish
  • Squids
  • Small sharks
  • Snipe eels
The South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity is taking a major role in implementation of the Genome Resource Program and Coelacanth Conservation.