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Volcanoes in Comoros

Comoros, an archipelago of island are volcanic in nature. List of Comoros volcano include Banc Bailheu and Mount Karthala.
Among the Comoros volcano, the most active volcano is Mount Karthala.

Blanc Vailheu volcano is the submerged volcano of Comoros. This volcano of Comoros is located about 12 knots from the Grand Comoro and spreads about nine miles under the water.

Comoros Karthala Mount Volcano

Comoros Karthala Mount Volcano, the highest point of Comoros is an active volcano. The volcano has erupted about twenty times since the 19th century.

The recent eruptions took place in:
  • 2006
  • 2005
  • 1991

The eruptions of the Karthala Mount Volcano however did not bring the massive destruction in the islands. The volcanic eruption of 2005 made 40 thousand people evacuate their residence. The major volcanic eruptions have shaped the volcano in a way which is known as caldera. The Crater Lake formed due to the volcanic eruption in 1991 is now filled with dark grey rocks which have solidified after the cooling of lava.

Moist Evergreen forests cover the major part of the Karthala Mount Volcano, which is the natural habitat of many species of plants and animals. These natural habitats of the flora and fauna are endangered due to the frequent volcanic eruptions.