Mapa Joao Pessoa

by Vishal Kumar

João Pessoa, Brazil Founded in 1585, João Pessoa – the capital of Paraíba state – is third oldest city in Brazil. Being the easternmost city in the Americas, it is…

Mapa Joao Pessoa

João Pessoa, Brazil

Founded in 1585, João Pessoa – the capital of Paraíba state – is third oldest city in Brazil. Being the easternmost city in the Americas, it is often known as the city where the sun rises first. With nearly 2.7 square miles of urban forests, it is one of the greenest cities in the world. Renowned for beautiful beachfront and historical charm, the city is an offbeat travel destination.

How to Reach João Pessoa

By Air – Presidente Castro Pinto International Airport (JPA) serves the metropolitan area. Shared shuttles are available between the airport and hotels.

By Train – Passenger trains ply between Santa Rita (west) and Cabedelo (north) from the station at Napoleon Laureano Square.

By Road – PB-008, BR230, and BR101 are major highways to access. The city lies 1510 miles northeast of Rio de Janeiro and 1410 miles of the national capital, Brasília. Terminal de Integração is the departure point for local buses.

Things to Do in João Pessoa

Grab a spot by the ocean at the Cabodelo before sundown to hear an orchestral piece by the famous saxophonist Jurandy or admire the exemplary architecture of Estação Ciência, Cultura e Artes at Ponta das Seixas – city’s easternmost corner.

The Centro Histórico (city center) features a day’s worth of sightseeing options. An old gunpowder store and city museum named Casa da Pólvora, history and science museums at Espaço Cultural José Lins do Rego, and central beach neighborhoods such as Tambaú, Manaíra, and Cabo Branco are major tourist attractions in João Pessoa. Museu Sacro e de Arte Popular, housed in the São Francisco church, exhibits a magnificent collection of colonial artifacts. It’s also an amazing lookout point to watch sunset over the forest canopy.

The Parque Arruda Câmara features walking trails, an 18th-century fountain, and a botanical zoo. Lined with palms, Parque Solon de Lucena is a popular city park. Several sandy spots on the 18-mile-long shoreline – from Ponta do Seixas (south) to Cabedelo (north) – are suitable for swimming and surfing. To the north, exotic islands and fishing villages in the estuary of the Paraíba River are idyllic getaways.

Name LayerName Grid Locations
Empresa Brasileira de Serviços Hospitalares Hospital Type A2
Hospital Memorial São Francisco Hospital Type A2
Hospital Napoleão Laureano Hospital Type A1
Brisol Hotel Type A2
Hotel Nord Easy Green Sunset Hotel Type A2
Littoral Hotel Hotel Type A2
Verde Green Hotel Type A2
City Park Park Type B2
Parque Sólon de Lucena Park Type A1
15° Batalhão de Infantaria Motorizada POI Type A1
Bessa Shopping POI Type A2
BICA – Parque Zoobotânico Arruda Câmara POI Type A1
Bosque das Gameleiras POI Type A2
Centro de Educação da Polícia Militar POI Type B2
Estação de Tratamento de Esgotos POI Type B2
Feirinha de Artesanato de Tambaú POI Type A2
Gauchinha Grill – Restaurante e Churrascaria POI Type B1
Ginásio Poliesportivo Ronaldo Cunha Lima POI Type B2
Paintball Games POI Type B1
Pizzaria D`Napoles POI Type B2
Praia de Tambaú POI Type A2
Praia do Sol POI Type B2
Shopping Carro Legal POI Type A2
Valentina Figueiredo POI Type B2
Igreja de São Francisco Religious Type A1
EMEF David Trindade Shopping Type B2
Mag Shopping Shopping Type A2
Makro – Loja João Pessoa Shopping Type B1
Manaíra Shopping Shopping Type A2
Mangabeira Shopping Shopping Type B2
Mercado Público de Mangabeira Shopping Type B2
Cinépolis Theater Type A2

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