The city Nikki is endowed with damp Savanna along with trees. Out of a number of attractions, the Gaani festival remains the major festival.

The city of Nikki is inclusive of the department of Burgoo of the country of Benin. According to the census taken in the year 2007, the population of Nikki was recorded to be 59,516. Nikki is at a distance of 555km from Cotonou.

The region of Nikki is endowed with damp savanna along with trees. Between the months of April to May, the region experiences rainfall, and the temperature during the months of December to February remains at around 15º C, and the rest of the time the temperature of the city is at around 37º C.

There are quite a number of attractions at Nikki. The tourists can visit the Royal Museum which houses the history of Niki. The history of the place is said to be very unstable. There is a strong being of economic, spiritual, and religious power in the city.

Another major attraction of the city remains the Gaani festival which is held annually and is a tribal ceremony. Depending on the predilections of the tourists, the city can be visited at any time and the festive season is during the months of either June or July.

The two popular hotels at Nikki are La Belle Princesse and Campement. To satisfy the culinary tastes of the tourists, there are a number of good restaurants providing some of the lip-smacking delicacies of the country. The tourists to Nikki can also visit the Falls of Sota which is supposed to be a natural wonder.

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